High Pressure Electric Portable Car Wash Kit

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1. Mini and portable car washer, easy DIY to wash your car.
2. Ideal for car use, car cigarette charger with over-current protection function.
3. High pressure enable you to wash your car cleanly, water saving. Ideal for Washing Car, Window, Moto, Pet or Watering.

Voltage: DC 12V
Power: 75W
Max Pressure: 0.9MPA
Flow: 6L/min
PVC Pipe (Water in)length: 1.5 meters
Pressure pipe(Water Out) length: 8 meters
Car cigarette charger line length: 4.5 meters
Over-current protection: Charger lighter fuse will break when the current over 15A. And an bonus Cigarette lighter fuse is included.
Note: The pump is not waterproof, please put it away from water.

Package Included:
1 x 1.5M PVC Pipe (Water in)
1 x 8M Pressure Pipe(Water Out)
1 x High Presure Water Gun
1 x 75W Water Pump
1 x Car Cigarette Charger with 4.5M Line
1 x Water Filter
1 x Snap Joint
1 x Brush
1 x Power Adapter

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