Microfiber Cleaning Auto Cloth

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1.Item Name: Car Cleaning Cloth
2.Brand Name: Tirol
3.Material: 80%Polyester, 20%Polyamide
4.Easy to clean kitchen, car and so on
5.Soft touch luxury fibers gently details all vehicle surfaces,
6.Use inside & out, dry, dust apply and polish.
7.Super Absorbent Microfiber Household Cleaning Cloth Microfiber Cloths for Car & Home, Dusting Cloth, Glass
   And Mirror Cloth, Won't make any damage and scratch in cleaning process.
8.Color: yellow + gray
9.Size: 45*38CM

How to use:
Sprend the towel over the surface or fold it, Drag towel over plat areas such as hood and roof to remove bulk of water,
Use a circular motion to remaining water from back and sides of vehicle our excess water as neeed.

Care instructions:
Machine or hand wash in cold water, can be machine dried on low heat, DO NOT dry with lint producing fabrics.

Package Included:
1 X Car Cleaning Towel

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