Car Surface Cleaning Washing Air Pulse Spray Tool With Brush

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1. This product can effectively remove the various kinds of stains on the surface of the flannel fabric and leather,
engine, tire, hub, plastic as well as the surface of various industrial machines. 
2. Scope of application:
-Motorcycles, automobiles and heavy-duty truck
-Photocatalytic pretreatment spray, aluminum window frame
-Blinds, screens, carpet
-Hardware release agent, grease, cleaning gum
-Microwave oven, kitchen facilities and various kinds of fans
-Tractors, farming equipments and animal lodging
-Automated office equipments ( printer) tool, toy ( stuffed toy animals and figures),leather shoes, etc.
-Other marine sports and leisure products



Product Name Car Surface Cleaning Washing Air Pulse Spray Tool With Brush
Main Color White
Including Tornador tool and a brush

How to use:
1.Immerse the bell mouth in water, press the trigger to start automatic cleaning and then dry water drops.
Keep it in a dry and ventilated place without exposure to sunlight.
2.Set air compressor pressure within the range of 6-9.2, remain setting pressure at around 8kg to achieve the best cleaning effect.
3.Use neutral detergent only.
4.Non-neutral detergent should not be used. Especially, no organic solvent, even if it is neutral,
can be used as it contains a large amount of perishable ingredients.

1.In order to achieve best cleaning effect without damage the automobile parts, attention should be paid to the following points in use:
2.Regulate detergent exuding volume according to size and quality of automobile interiors and clean in one direction.
3.When cleaning stains on leather seats, as the stains have penetrated into the inside molecular structure,
please gently scrub the leather with Lantan dedicated cleaning sponge, which adopts Germany
nanotechnology and removes the pollutants changing the molecular, without causing damage to the leather.

Package Included:
1 X Tornador Tool
1 X Brush



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