13pcs Car Repair Emergency Tool Kit

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1.Set mainly applied to household routine maintenance.
2.Can handle most home maintenance needs.
3.The group set is one of the best-selling style gift tools, high cost, the complete set of configuration, small, comprehensive and strong.
4.The full range of tools for a wide range of choice is a good helper family, hand tools



Quantity 13 pcs
Weight 1.62kg
Material Carbon steel nickel-plated
Applications Household property, building and decorating, electrical and mechanical maintenance, equipment, enterprise, financial and insurance institutions, health care,Schools and other matching gifts



Package Included:
1 X Utility Knife 1 X Digital Electric Tester
1 X PVC Insulation Tape 2 X Screwdrivers 6*38(±)
2 X Screwdrivers 6*100(±)
1 X Tape Measure(2M)
1 X 7" Combination Pliers 1 X 8" Adjustable Wrench
1 X Claw Hammer(8oz) 1 X 6"Long Nose Pliers
1 X Blow Base  










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